Meet Phillip Stonehouse, Autism Consultant!

In the first of our guest blogs, we have caught up with Phillip Stonehouse. Phillip, an Autism Consultant and expert by experience, discusses his experiences of presenting in advance of a two-day training event he is doing April 9th & 10th. More details of the event can be found here: Increase your Skills in PBS

Tell us a bit about yourself:

First I left home when I was 16-18, to a College house near Winchester. When I was 18 I did a training scheme and finally moved into my own home when I was 24 and shared a house with a friend who I am still in contact with now.
I have done a lot of paid and voluntary work including a nursery and working at Waterstones. My Mum is a support worker with Solent Mind. I have also worked at the Civic centre and librarys, which I enjoyed as I like working with books. I have also worked for Oxfam and the YMCA.


You have done lots of training before what do you enjoy about it?
I really enjoy meeting new people and discussing my views of how to support people with a Learning Disability. I have done quite a few training sessions with Jonathan Beebee now and enjoy helping people to learn.
What do you think about how people with learning disabilities were treated at Winterbourne View?
I was shocked and disgusted, but not surprised by what happened. It is awful that people are treated like that but it happens more than people think.

What do you think about Positive Behaviour Support?
I really agree with what Positive Behaviour Support is about. We should work to increase peoples skills and independence. to help them lead a more independent life. Nobody wants to be challenging. If we understand that people need something and we can help them to get what they want, then people won’t need to be challenging and everyone is happy